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How to understand women

how to understand women

There's nothing wrong with women. And there's nothing confusing either. Understanding women is simple and straight forward. You just have to be able to see. She says you don't get her. You probably don't. Here's what you need to know. Lion Goodman discovers the key to understanding how women I smiled and said, “ Women's emotional reactions have baffled men forever.”. how to understand women


How To Understand Women Everyone man has wondered how to understand women at one point or another. Almost as many have given up trying. Make no mistake about it, though, you. If you find feminine women hard to understand, know that it's not hard at all. Here is your manual to ensure that your future relationships don't. We don't understand it either, so if you could pick up dinner tonight, that'd be great. We just had to buy two bras and now we can't eat for four.

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