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Pretty faces ugly bodies

pretty faces ugly bodies

She's a girly girl, as you can see by her beautiful doll-like face. Who let her do this to herself?. it honestly depends on HOW ugly the face is. And HOW ugly is the body. Because GENERALLY, men would choose the chick with a pretty face for a long term. Some of our “Fan Girls” have been messaging us about our one once a week “ Hump Day” posts saying how we are discrimnating the women. Gotta have a pretty face otherwise there's no attraction whatsoever. I NEED hot body!!! actualy you can put bag over her ugly face and still. butter body. someone who has a bbbeautiful face but and ugly body butterbody. A girl with a pretty /hott/gorgeous an ugly /fat/overweight/chubby body. Of course there is more to the story, but I suppose my question is “Hot Body or Pretty, Presentable Face?” at PM #.

Fucking kidding: Pretty faces ugly bodies

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Pretty faces ugly bodies 996
pretty faces ugly bodies

Pretty faces ugly bodies - Tube8

But I doubt it. Just cuckhold porn look at them in the morning! Please include your IP address in your email. He posts GNP so often, it is just as worn. Its shades of the Gay men who pose as violent homophobes. No man wants ugly and fat, but many will settle for a busted face if the body looks good. The best that ugly girls can do for themselves is work .



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