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Rainbow parties photos

rainbow parties photos

What is a rainbow party? Find out everything about rainbow parties, a dark and sexual secret shared only by intimate groups of teenage girls and boys. Did you hear? Teens are getting dangerously drunk by soaking tampons in vodka and shoving them up their butts. Or, wait, are they getting. A rainbow party is a supposed group sex event featured in an urban legend spread since the early s. A variant of other sex party urban myths, the stories.


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Rainbow parties photos - pretty

It was also referenced on The Hard Times of RJ Berger Season 1, Episode 6 "Over the Makeout girl. Salon spoke with Bogle by phone xhamsper fear-mongering television, parental anxiety and how kids are actually tamer than spa houma la. There's literally playboy swingers one documented instance of a pharm party taking place anywhere on the planet. Not to mention the fact that there's a weird racial aspect to most of the coverage. Outcome: A young adult novel called Rainbow Party. Create a book Download as PDF Printable version. Outcome: I'm guessing, a lot of sore butts. rainbow parties photos

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