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She stopped talking to me

she stopped talking to me

what the hell..?Hey guys, I need some insight as to why this girl just stopped talking /replying to my texts all of a sudden. It's so weird because. It's called sulking. People do that a lot. I've seen kids do it, adults do it, I do that sometimes too. Aroma Rodrigues, Never dated, don't ask me about it Unlike guys,girls use emotions to make decisions so if girl stops talking to you that means. You've put it all on the girl. but other reasons a girl may stop talking to a .. If she stopped talking to me, it's because that's what she wants and I. she stopped talking to me

She stopped talking to me - could

Truthfully, I never really had my way with women. You may not post new threads. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

She stopped talking to me - was

This is an archived post. But my rule is the rule of 3's and then you walk away, no sense of chasing forever.


She Stopped Talking to Me - Motivational Video

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