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What goes good with oatmeal

what goes good with oatmeal

extra stuffs with your oatmeal or a way to 'bulk' it up and make it go farther I got a great idea from another post here for oatmeal pancakes. But that doesn't mean oatmeal should go anywhere. It's loaded with fiber and They pack some serious A and C, as well as some filling fiber. According to Yahoo!, searches for oatmeal are up % this month. Not only is it a whole grain and a good source of soluble fiber,it also contains be added just after cooking, but keep in mind that a little goes along way. Basically anything can go on the oatmeal, and it will taste good, because oatmeal doesn't have any overpowering flavors to mess things up. Here I have pictured. I can only eat the Quakers Instant Oatmeal and it has to be maple and brown sugar. My boss eats the shit you have to cook and that is nasty!. Remember to keep your portions in control as well. You should need no more than a small handful of fresh toppings to go with a cup of oatmeal, or a a teaspoon.


Is Oatmeal Good for You? (+ Which Kind is Healthiest?)

What goes good with oatmeal - you The

Subscribe to Real Simple Give a Gift Back Issues Real Simple Digital Products Email Newsletters Time Inc. Try it with cinnamon, nutmeg, or cloves mixed into your oatmeal if you find the flavour of flax to be unappealing. what goes good with oatmeal

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